Art of Pilates is in the heart of Playa del Rey, just one short block from the beach. Our boutique studio is a relaxing home away from home with vibrant restaurants and stores nearby. We emphasize privacy and individual attention to meet the unique needs of all of our clients and tailor our Pilates programs accordingly.

Our full range of Pilates equipment includes five brand new Allegro 2 Reformers, 2 Tower apparatuses, a fully equipped Cadillac/Reformer Converter, Wunda Chairs, Jumpboards, a ladder barrel, arc barrels, a trampoline for circuit training, rotating discs, foam rollers, Bosu Balance Trainers, magic circles, Therabands, weighted balls, poles, weights, a built-in ballet barre, and an array of stability balls, which will assist in education and strengthening your body. All of our classes has a capacity of 7-8 people, no two classes are the same and incorporate different pieces of equipment each time so your body will be continuously challenged! 

Our goal at Art of Pilates is to provide a safe and supportive environment that is conducive to helping increase your body awareness and overall health. Click here to learn a little more about the wonderful instructors who bring our studio to life.


What clients say about Art of Pilates

“I can actually feel my abdominals are getting stronger”
“I feel stronger”
“I feel taller”
“I had so much energy when I left”

“My wife and I have been attending Pilates classes for over four years and we are very impressed with both the instructors and management.  The facility is always clean and we’ve been fortunate to have consistency in our instructors with very little turnover.  Michelle is awesome and she pushes us to our limits while always bringing variety to every session.  I highly recommend Art of Pilates and more importantly encourage people to try Pilates.  I went into this with doubt and now find it has done wonders as a weekly tune up for my body and eliminate the typical aches and pains as someone in my fifties.” -Kelly D.

“About 6 months ago, my physical therapist recommended Art of Pilates to me after experiencing months of lower back pain. I can’t begin to tell you what a positive difference pilates and the instructors have made in my life. The instructors are amazing– extremely knowledgeable, patient and skilled. The classes are challenging and have been great therapy for my back. Highly recommend!” -Paola N.

“Pilates classes at Art of Pilates greatly improved my core strength, posture, muscle tone and, in turn, my self-esteem.  I’m 58 years old and in the best shape of my life thanks to the devoted attention of their instructors, including Michelle and Aileen.  If your looking for a very effective work out in a friendly, stress free, immaculate environment, try a Pilates Reformer class at Art of Pilates.” -Francine, R.N.

“The biggest thing I would say is that I was in a bad place with my back, and my doctor told me that I either had to intervene with something like Pilates, or it was going to get worse. I was about 5 years in this reoccurring lower back problem, which was random but occurring more often, and lasting longer. I was taking medication to get comfortable, and trying to deal with it with acupuncture. When he recommended Pilates in April of 2015 I came to Art of Pilates, and I haven’t had an issue, at all, since. Not one flare-up. I feel that my back, and just my general health, is much better since starting with Pilates, and I intend to keep doing it.” -Tim D.

“Professional instructors and fantastic management, approachable and responsive to feedback. I am highly impressed with this establishment and often recommend it to friends and neighbors.” -Meital N., Designer

“Love this location, right near the beach! Cute, clean, small studio. Jump Pilates is my favorite. Great instruction.” -CP client review, 2016

“Really liked this class a lot, gave adjustments for my injury which was awesome. (sadly so many instructors seem like they could care less about giving adjustments). Great class!” -CP client review, 2016 

“I’m new to Pilates and found Michelle to be the perfect instructor. She was very helpful, patient, kind and funny. I had a great workout. Thanks Michelle.” -CP client review, 2016

“Michelle was sweet and nice, and the class size is perfect for the right amount of attention and guidance from the instructor.” -Melanie P.

“Art of Pilates has a lovely studio in Playa Del Rey.  The machines are new, which is a treat.  I started Pilates because my back is perpetually messed up.  The instructors always modify exercises to strengthen my weaknesses and keep me from hurting myself — very appreciative of that! ” -Vandana T., Professor 

“Pilates has helped me with my lower back pain to the point where it’s completely disappeared on most days. I’ve been working out for over 20 years but Pilates has taught me how to be more mindful in my workouts, really focusing on the muscles I’m working, and within a few weeks of starting Pilates I already felt stronger. My posture is better and my balance is really improved. I really enjoy my Pilates workouts and the Art of Pilates studio is a nice respite in my hectic world.” –Diana M., Attorney-Mediator

“Sarah, is great!! She has so much experience. It’s the best class I’ve had so far.” -Edgar A., General Contractor 

“Kicked my butt!!! In the best way possible. With control, not crazy weight, and manageable fatigue. Exactly what you want to get in shape!!” -CP client review, 2016 

“Pilates has helped me tone my body and increase strength and flexibility. Which was essential in my recuperation from a car accident a year ago.” –Karim D.

“Michelle is the best. This class really targeted some muscles I haven’t heard from in a while. :-)” -CP client review, 2016

“Art of Pilates is the best reformer studio on the westside!! Get your workout in and then go relax on the beach afterwards since it’s just one block away :-)” -Ashley D., PR

“After having had two children and not taking much time for myself, Pilates has given me a renewed strength of my body and self. I love what it is doing for my core and my back. Doing pilates twice a week, I rarely have any back pain and I feel so much stronger. . I leave relaxed, feeling longer, leaner and walking taller. The best part is that the sense of well-being I leave with sticks with me and I take better care of myself between sessions. I find myself standing taller throughout the week and using better posture in my daily activities and am feeling better with the way my post-pregnancy body moves throughout each day and in return, with the way that I’m able to care for my kids.” -Lisa S., homemaker