Our beachside studio offers Private sessions, Semi-Private sessions and Group Pilates Reformer Class sessions. Below are descriptions for our Group Pilates Reformer Class offerings. For questions regarding Privates or Semi-Privates, please email contact@artofpilatesinc.com.

Level I/II Reformer Class & Level I/II + New Client Reformer Class
You know the expression “No pain, no gain?” Well, our Level I/II Reformer Classes will challenge your body without any painful tears being shed through a range of dynamic exercises in a foundational format.

This class runs as a regular Level I/II, but highly encouraged for clients who are new to the studio to take as their first. After just a few classes, you will notice an increase in strength and tonation, giving you that longer, leaner look with increased flexibility. Lighter or heavier resistance modifications can be made, depending on individual Pilates experience and any injury.

Level II Reformer Class
In our Level II Reformer Classes, we build upon your strong foundational Pilates technique and kick up resistance and pacing intensity!

Working against quicker, more aerobic pacing, your endurance and strength will noticeably increase with this Intermediate-level class.

You will be led through Pilates sequences and variation options that will further challenge the body by incorporating Pilates props (dowels, balls, hand weights, therabands, Pilates magic circles) into work on the Reformer. In our Level II Reformer Class, we work from our center out – full body engagement from a strong core and pelvic floor as we work to push deeper into your flexibility in both abdominal and spinal work. Breath work and proper alignment is crucial.

Level II + JumpBoard Reformer Class
Level II/Intermediate Level class. A traditional Reformer class that incorporates a cardio-based segment using the jumpboard between routines, set to upbeat music. The added jumpboard work is a great way to increase your calorie burn. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to add cardio to an existing Pilates routine. Previous private Pilates experienced required.

Level II Reformer Class/Summer Circuit Fusion
We will be using a variety of Pilates Reformer equipment and apparatuses (including wunda chairs, mat, cadillac, barrel, jump board, trampoline) in a circuit style format, guaranteed to boost your heart rate so you feel the effects the next day! Choreography within each circuit station is designed to challenge both your strength and coordination. Previous private Pilates AND group class experience required. Intermediate Level only.

Level II/III (INT/ADV) Reformer Class
Get ready to maximize your efforts and push your fitness threshold. In a Level II/III, we accelerate your burn within the mindfulness and safety that is fundamental and essential to Pilates.

In this Intermediate/Advanced level class, we maintain a high-level of intensity throughout the entire 55 minutes. Level II/III Reformer Class is a great way to incorporate dynamic cross-training into your routine. YChoreography and resistance training are increased and repetitions are extended beyond your comfort zone into a place of true caloric and muscle burn.

You will be able to see the results of tonality with more defined muscles, giving you that longer, leaner look.

Jumpboard Reformer Class
Level II/Intermediate Level class. A cardio-based Reformer class using the jumpboard in intervals, set to upbeat music. Jumpboard choreography is designed to elevate heart rate while supporting your joints and lymphatic system. Highly recommended for runners, dancers and those looking to cross-train.

$15 Happy Hour Jumpboard Reformer Class
$15 drop-in rate! No package series required, but must reserve spot online prior to class. This cardio-based Reformer class uses the Jumpboard accessory in intervals. Jumpboard choreography is designed to elevate heart rate while supporting your joints and lymphatic system – a great way to add a cardio workout before the weekend! Level II/Intermediate Level class. Previous private Pilates experience required. Every Friday at 4 pm.

Mommy & Me Baby-Wearing Reformer/Barre Class
Small group Reformer/Barre Fusion class dedicated to busy moms with babies (5 – 24 months, weighing 7 – 45 lbs). Mommys can bring their babies to class, giving them a unique opportunity to workout and bond while being led through a series of resistance & strength-training work on the ballet barre and Pilates Reformer.

Babies will be securely held in our light-weight Lille Baby carriers with a variety of baby-wearing options for the ideal placement for mother & baby (front-facing or chest-to-chest facing). Open to all levels.

Mommy and Me Program at Art of Pilates

Art of Pilates classes are held in a small, boutique setting right by the beach. Our studio provides a welcoming, supportive environment with small class sizes that guarantee you get the individualized attention you need.

24 hour cancellation policy. Please arrive 5 minutes before class for sign in. Location: Unit D (upstairs).